Members' Evening of Short Talks

with mince pies, drinks, and a short quiz

Wednesday 18th January 2023, 7.00 for 7.30 pm

Organiser: Hugh Dixon

Elspeth Gould
A Lesser-Spotted Dobson:
Work on the Seaton Delaval Estate
Hugh Dixon
Barbados Houses
Ian Wells
The Pritchett Family
of Architects
Laverock Hall Farm

Laverock Hall Farm,
Near Blyth

Photo: Google Street View

Traditional Chattel House

A Traditional Chattel House,

Photo: Randall Banfield

All Saints, Great Stainton

All Saints, Great Stainton,
by J P Pritchett Jnr.

Photo: David Webster

That John Dobson worked at Seaton Delaval Hall both before and after the fire of 1822 was recorded by his daughter in her memoir and has been accepted for years. Recent research has shed light on buildings she did not mention, and which have not been widely discussed, the 'lesser' buildings on the wider estate. The wealth of Barbados, amassed by a few white British settlers, derived from enslaved people brought from Africa to work the sugar cane and tobacco plantations. The island's architectural heritage reflects the great division in society. One building type, the chattel house, threatened by modernisation and tourist development, was once as much a political statement as a home. Three generations of Pritchetts practised architecture in the North of England from 1813 until 1945. Using research by Graeme Potts and photographs from Dave Webster, Ian will endeavour to summarise their lives, and vast portfolio of work. This could be a precursor to a summer trip to visit a selection of their buildings.


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