A Day Trip to Lancaster

Saturday 30th July 2011

£35.00 including lunch

During our summer weekend trip to Lancashire in 2009 we visited the Law Courts and Priory Church in Lancaster. As we drove through the City we realised that there must be lots more to see and resolved to return for a day trip.

Images of Lancaster

We arrived at the Aston Memorial and joined the Lancaster Civic Society for a walking tour of the town and old port. In the afternoon we were shown around the Ruskin Library by Professor Stephen Wildman and ended the day by visiting a Paley and Austin Church at Dolphinholme.

John Ruskin was among the greatest British art critics and social commentators of the Victorian Age. His ideas inspired the Arts and Crafts Movement, the founding of the National Trust and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.

With reference to 'Paley and Austin' Pevsner states "this Lancaster dynasty of architects did more work in the county and for a time more outstanding work, than any other".



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